Looking for a new addition to your workout routine? Look no further than the Soundot. The Soundot Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are sweat resistant, wireless, and come with three different earbud attachments in order to perfectly fit your ears. We put our Soundot to the test and took them on one of the most active (and sweaty) sports out there: skateboarding. If our earbuds could withstand the high impact sport of skateboarding, then it’s safe to say they can withstand just about anything.

Mikey Weber, a native of Orange County and long time skateboarder, took our Soundout out for a ride. What he found was astonishing. Not only did they withstand his sweat, but they withstood his tricks as well. The Soundot stayed in place through an eight stair boardslide, which says a lot for the impact the Soundot Earbuds can withstand.

“I’ve never actually found earbuds that would stay in my ears while skating” says Weber, “I’ve tried Bluebud X’s and other earbuds, but there’s always some problem with either sweat or fit. Soundot earbuds fit great and stay put. That’s really important to me when I’m out skating. Oh yeah, and the sound is awesome! I forgot that I even had earbuds in while listening to my music, it sounded super crisp”

The Soundot allows you to answer phone calls and control your music through a control on the cord. They also give a 60 ft operating range in order to add to your convenience. You can feel free to walk around while your phone stays put. Soundot has a non-stop run time of 6 hours, which means you’ll never be stranded without music. In addition, the Soundot package comes with three different attachments for different sized ears, so you’re perfect attachment is definitely there.

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